Keel Boat Regatta

This page was last updated 27th August 2019

NQYC is developing plans to run Keel Boat Regatta over 3 days in July, annually, rather than alternate years over 4 days. The next KBR will be in confirmed shortly.

The 2019 NQYC Keel Boat Regatta (KBR) was held between 18th - 21st July 2019

NQKBR 2019 Poster

The 2019 KBR incorporated the Fulmar UK National Championships and, this year,the Welsh Lift-Keel Cruiser Nationals. A report in Yachts and Yachting is here.

Also a selection of excellent pictures taken by Pete Thomas are on the club facebook page and on this website's gallery pages. If you want copies - please contact him on the Secretary's email address.

Morlais "Mogs" Davies (NQ Camera Club) has also taken some photos which will soon be accessible via his Flicker site.

Congratulations go to:

1st Rodmar - Chris Willis (also Fulmar National Champion)
2nd Brainstorm - Christopher Seal (also Welsh Lift-Keel Cruiser National Champion)
3rd Katabtic - Mark Willis

Special Thanks goes to Martin and Christopher Seal and families for donating the Admirals' Cup - in memory of Dr Roger Seal and Malcom Evans, the only people in Wales to be appointed as 'The Admiral' of a Yacht Club.

Following the success of the regattas in 2015, 2017 and now 2019, this NQYC event has become the premier regatta for keel boats, bilge keelers and lifting keel boats in West Wales and the club intends to organise this event annually in future.

In case there are any questions or suggestions for next year, please contact:
Prof Nick James - Vice-commodore NQYC and Principal Race Officer 07801356318
Mark Willis (Lead for Fulmar National Championship) 07971266632
Chris Seal Cruiser Captain NQYC and Lead for Welsh Lifting Keel Cruiser Championship 07765900259